Your'e You is a romantic song that Hans brainwashed katie to be in "Love" witch to use her to bring Brandon to him to kill Brandon (which he secretly told her too.)


Hans: Other people walk through life where you prefer to skip And other people watch their step where you'll most likely trip Sure, your hair's not perfect, And there'sーwhat's that on your clothes? Yeah, you're kinda talkative With freckles on your nose.

But you're, And that's what makes me smile. You're So stay that way awhile.

Katie Sandowkm: Oh, Hans... I-

Hans: You don't have to say a thing, I know the way you feel. Your face is like an open book; so honest true and real. Other people lie and cheat, One push may come to shove. Your heart doesn't work like that, So you're the girl I love.

You're, That's how I hope you stay. You're But anyway, that's all I've got to say.

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