What if Hans meets the dazzlings?
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Season 25, Episode 238
Vital statistics
Air date 04/10/15
Written by Brandon Buckingham
Directed by Brandon Buckingham
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Under Our Spell (Episode) Katie and Elsa
What if Hans meets the Dazzlings(?) is the second episode in season 25.


At The Dazzlings' HQ, Aria Blaze takes to Sonata Dusk & Adagio Dazzle about the guy named Hans has been stalking and spying on them for weeks now w=and they want to destroy or just meet him for ridiculous relationship, however Victor Quartermaine asks them to destroy them, they think its a good idea but they don't know yet to see what he looks like.

Meanwhile, Hans walks around pretending to be polite to people which he secretly don't like at all, then he buys some gifts for Eradicus and comes back to Eradicus' place. The Dazzlings finally founds out and they can't ask him today because its night time so they sleep near where Hans lives. The next day, Hans goes outside and finds the dazzling sleeping and was surprised and steps back away and slams the door, which awake the dazzlings up and they failed to talk to him. Hans was breathing deeply and Rubber Chucky teases him and hans tells chuck to be quiet, Ella-Mental tells Hans go talk to them or she'll destroy them but Hans does't want that, Rubber Chucky still teases him about him and the dazzlings love each other, finally Hans said he will talk to him and stop his teasing.

It was snowing, and Hans needs to find brandon and Nathan to impress to talk to the dazzlings, he found them and ask them how to go out, all Nathan said is just talk t him but Hans picks Nathan up and needs a better plan then talking, Nathan and hans wonders where brandon is and sees him talking to the dazzlings about Hans secretly loves them and the dazzlings looks at him surprisingly, hans runs away and the dazzlings chases after him and then hans was trapped in the ally and Sonata knocks him out and takes him the there HQ's.

Hans wakes up and end up with Victor Quartermaine again and then they begin to fight, Adagio stops Victor and Hans from fighting, Then Aria asks Hans why was he stalking them but hans reveals that he was in love but they didn't hear but Hans doesn't want to say but hans said to let him go but the dazzlings refused to let him go until he speaks the truth, however, Hans lies to them to hang out to get along, Adagio and Aria thinks it's a good idea but Sonata doesn't believe him, Aria pushes the button and Hans runs away, suddenly, sonata stops him and his Hans with a rock and puts him in the cell for punishment.

Brandon and Nathan got inside in the dazzlings' HQ and tries to find hans all around, Nathan reveals that the HQ's are quite big, luckily Nathan has got Villain signal devise and founds him in the cell, Brandon unlocks him, suddenly the security system was on and Aria checks the camera and sees that hans wasn't there anymore, Sonata spots Brandon and Nathan with Hans and was nearly at the exit, Aria shuts the gates and gets ready to battle hans vs Aria, Brandon vs Sonata and Nathan vs Adagio, later Brandon and Nathan defeat them except Aria who Hans was still battling, however, Katie Sandowkm knocks Aria out with a faint and tells them to get out now, then suddenly one of the dazzlings quickly fells in with Hans.

the next day, Hans was walking all alone and sees a card that says 'Call Me 0444444440404040404040404040404044044040404040404040...1' and hans was really happy about a girl, and he thinks its from one of the dazzlings but it was... is it?


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