Wallace & Gromit
Wallace & Gromit
Biographical Information
Home: Perth (Briefly)
Occupation: Wallace: Gromit's Boss

Gromit: Wallace's sidekick and owner

Alignment: Good
Personality: Wallace: Good, kind, helpful, happy, funny

Gromit: Intellegent, kind, clever, good, funny

Goal: stop Victor for kill Brandon's friends (succedd)
Friends: Each others, Lady Tottington, Brandon Buckingham, possibly Brandon's friend Emily Hutch the Rabbit Fluffles the Poodle Garnet (Ruby and Sapphire)
Enemies: Victor Quartermaine, Oogie Boogie, Penguin, Oven (formerly), Jerry Mouse (wallace only)

Lord Barkis Bittern

Likes: Wallace: cheese, toast, eggs, jam

Gromit: cheese, kitting

Dislikes: "no cheese"
Show Information

Wallace and Gromit are the terity minor protagonist characters in perth.


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