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Season 23, Episode 218
Vital statistics
Air date 22/07/15
Written by Brandon Buckingham
Directed by Brandon Buckingham
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E.R.A.D.I.C.U.S Jack in the Beanstalk
Wallace, Gromit and Emily is the second episode in Season 23, it's about Wallace and Gromit meets Emily.


At the Bowling alley, Emily plays with Jack, then Wallace meets Emily (whick Wallace and Emily into different teams), but Jack finally gets the point about Wallace, but Jack decides to call for Lord Barkis Bittern to "Ruin" Wallace's date.

Barkis reveals that we works with Eradicus and his goal is to kill Wallace (similair to Victor Quartermaine) and get Emily crushed, but Eradicus is to impassioned with his minions.

At the Diner, Emily sees Wallace and Gromit in their date, Jack spys on them to see if they have according to plan, Lord Barkis and Eradicus also spys on them too, to see if they have fail the date. fortunately for Eradicus, he accidentally shoved Barkis and the date got ruined easily. Barkis stole jack's sword and tries to kill Wallace then jack stopped him and defeats him, Victor sees Emily and goes out, wallace was upset and Gromit and Jack takes him to the cheese shop.


Minor CharactersEdit


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