Victor the engine
Biographical Information
Home: Store Store!
Occupation: Skips' boss and employee (mostly),

There's other occupations in Trouble People:

Alignment: Good/Neutral
Personality: Polite, helpful, stressed (occasionally), Kind, nice, warm hearted, determined, well-meaning
Goal: Help people fix up any mistakes or damages
Friends: Skips, Oaken, The Trolls, Brandon Buckingham, Anna, Henry (formally), Olaf, Hans (sometimes), Nathan Fernandez, Katie Sandowkm
Enemies: Hans
Likes: friends, fixing up, the trolls, polite people, Skips
Dislikes: "Danger, damages, peril, bullying, Hans' behaviour"
Show Information
First appearance: "Trouble People"
Latest appearance: "Side to Side"

Victor is a narrow gauge engine that appears in Trouble People. His one of the supporting characters in Once Upon A Doom! series.

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