Victor's here
Season 23, Episode 224
Vital statistics
Air date 03/08/15
Written by Brandon Buckingham
Directed by Brandon Buckingham
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Chocolate Fudge of Doom Rubber Chucky's Birthday
Victor's Here is the eighth episode in Season 23.


Victor Quartermaine returns from his Vacation and sees Lady Tottington to impress her but she still refuses, Victor looks mad and tries to find Wallace. At Ice cream store, Brandon, Nathan, Benson, Wallace and Gromit plays Go Fish! to trie and win Emily, unfortunately, when Wallace wins he founds out Emily has been kidnapped, Nathan has a train that spot the enemy, they go there and sees Stewie Griffen as a driver and Cheshire Cat as a waiter, the gang hops on and runs the engine really fast.

they hear and strange voice in the front of the engine, and it was Henry, they see Victor grabbing Emily's hand and Brandon need the gang to hold his legs to get emily, he can't reach then Victor grabbed a dagger and tries to stab brandon and brandon ducks every time victor tries to stand, then Wallace hops on Brandon's back to fight victor, Wallace shoves him and Victor lets go of Emily and brandon feels a bit hurt. Stewie stops the train and Wallace, Gromit, brandon and Nathan runs to her and she's a wake and Wallace hugs her tight and then they decide to go back home to perth (at the main gates).


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