Veruca Salt
Biographical Information
Home: Perth (formerly)
Occupation: Hans' boyfriend (formerly), rich people
Alignment: Good, later Bad/Neutral
Affiliations: "Rich people"
Personality: ruthless, cold-hearted, greedy, mean, rude, traitorous, cruel, neutral
Goal: Kill Hans for his money.
Enemies: Hans, Ella-Mental, Rubber Chucky, Bob
Likes: Money, buy something she likes, Hans (formerly)
Dislikes: "hans, Ella-Mental, can't buy"
Show Information
First appearance: "Hans and Veruca"
Latest appearance: "Hans and Veruca"

Veruca Salt is the true main antagonist in Hans and Veruca.


Unlike Hans' Personality, She was a murder to kill rich people (except Nathan, Preminger and other royal people) for their money.

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