Town Alone
Town empty
Season 23, Episode 226
Vital statistics
Air date 09/08/15
Written by Brandon Buckingham
Directed by Brandon Buckingham
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Rubber Chucky's Birthday Brandon's Jet Engine
Town Alone is the tenth episode in Season 23. it's about Victor and Barkis works together to get in the town.


Brandon, Katie and Nathan works on the new power to defeat Eradicus, People packs up to on vacation except brandon, nathan and Katie, however, Victor soys on those people and wants to rule perth. Brandon, Nathan and Katie finished the new power and people lies to them that they are going to defeat Eradicus without them and drives off. Brandon, Nathan and Katie cheers and do whatever they want.

Lord Barkis Bittern finally has a plan to get int he town, then he finally figures out that people are leaving then his plan has foiled when they ran over it. Victor finds out Lord Barkis wants to go in as well then they fight. nathan, brandon and Katie are in trouble and they trie to keep perth safe Victor and Barkis works together then fight who wastes the town, they trie to ramp the gates, trie to get past the gates and and also dig under, that makes victor and barks even more mad and destroys the gates and security, Brandon, Katie and Nathan tries to learn the power but tha failed then victor and Barkis begins fight again then destroys the candy store and then they learned the new power and kicks Victor out and flicks Lord barkis out of perth and lord barkis gets injured by the sharks, people came back to perth, but Brandon, Nathan and katie thought is was Victor's army and kicks them back to the beach by accident.



Welcome to the show from mlp eqg rainbow rocks

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