77984215 were rabbit
Biographical Information
Occupation: Emily's friend, Victor's enemie
Alignment: Neutral, later Good
Affiliations: "possibly heroes"
Goal: Protect Emily from any villains (including main villains)
Friends: Emily, Wallace and Gromit, Katie Sandowkm, Rabbits, Victor Van Dort
Enemies: Victor Quartermaine, Lord Barkis Bittern, The Dazzlings, Monty Muzzle
Likes: Emily, friends, vegetables
Dislikes: "Bad, Victor, villians, evil"
Show Information
First appearance: "Corpse Bride and The Were-Rabbit"
Latest appearance: "Corpse Bride and The Were-Rabbit"

Were Rabbit is one of the supporting characters in Corpse Bride and The Were-Rabbit. Wallace's Were-Rabbit form

Gallary Edit

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