The Trolls
The trolls (Frozen)
Biographical Information
Home: The Forrest
Occupation: Nathan's minions
Alignment: Good
Personality: Meddlesome, well-meaning, loving, loud, overbearing, mystical, secretive, inappropriate, powerful, wise
Goal: Help Nathan Fernandez to do anything that is evil and remove any evil maid inside any heroes.
Friends: Each other, Bulba, Cliff, Nathan Fernandez, Brandon Buckingham, Anna, Olaf, Katie Sandowkm, Elsa, Henry (occasionally), Emily, Skips, Pops, Jack Skellington, Wallace and Gromit, Sarah Sandow, Victor, the Worker, Benson
Enemies: Hans, Government People, Golden Freddy
Relatives: Each other
Likes: Nathan, Romance, dancing, hugging, Friends
Dislikes: "Danger, Strange Magic, Hans' Rudeness, Golden Freddy,"
Show Information
First appearance: "The Doom Begins"
Latest appearance: "Finale of this wiki"

The Trolls is one of the main characters in Once Upon A Doom!. They also seem to be the protagonists but they are actually the deuteragonists and all the villains' goal is to use them to make Golden Freddy.


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