The Slender Engine
Season 24, Episode 231
Vital statistics
Air date 20/09/15
Written by Brandon Buckingham
Directed by Brandon Buckingham
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Katie's Adventure Come Out, Pops!
The Slender Engine is the fifth episode in season 24. it's about it's Halloween night and Benson rides Henry and he is sent to find some missing pages in Henry's forest... but there's something else in there with him... and you thought Slender Man was scary!


At halloween, Pops is going to be an accent mummy, the three guys dressed up as the avengers, Brandon Buckingham is going to be as captain America, Nathan is going to be as Iron Man and Skips is going to be a incredible hulk, Benson, however, was going to be a vampire, Katie tells Jack was lost in the woods and lost eight pages for the contest, Skips wants to go but Katie refuses, nobody wants to go they want to go to the party, katie chooses Benson but Benson was somewhat scared because he hates the woods, Katie has no choice to pick him, then she said that she's going dress up as slender girl and she walks off, Pops asks what's the slender man, nathan tells him that he has no face plus he takes children, Benson was scared of that, Brandon said it's not eh slender man he needs to worry about, it's the the slender engine that'll get him, Nathan doesn't believe it but Brandon it's true, he also reveals that Sarah tells him about that, Benson gets on Henry and takes off, frightening.

At night, Benson rides henry and takes off slowly at the forrest and sees the first pages, thats says "always watches, no eyes", Benson and henry were curious then takes anyways, the noise begins and they begin to shake but takes off, they see a path and goes left and sees a second page that says "can't run" Benson was very confused but takes it then more scary sounds begins, Benson wants to get a move on and Henry takes off and sees a third page "Help Me", then the drum begins even louder, benson and henry wants to make this quick, they can't go forward, so they go right and sees the Slender Engine they screamed and runs backwards and they didn't get caught or get killed along with 3 pages, Jack Skellington appears and sees the slender engine and begins to be scary.


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