The Queen of Spades
Biographical Information
Home: Wonderland
Occupation: Ruler of Wonderland
Affiliations: "Evil/Bad
Neutral (Evil Benson)"
Personality: Cruel, loud, powerful, hot-tempered, violent, explosive, pompous, bossy, intimidating, selfish, irrational, impulsive, insane
Friends: Preminger, Jafar, Oogie Boogie, The Queen of Hearts (formerly), Benson (formerly), Victor Quartermaine
Enemies: Skips, Brandon Buckingham, Nathan Fernandez, Benson, Pops, Jack Skellington, Mordecai, Steven Patro, Margaret, Muscle Man, High Five Ghost, Skips Jr.
Relatives: The Queen of Hearts (Twin Sister)
Likes: Power, croquet, unbirthday cakes
Dislikes: "Not having her way, seeing Skips as a giant, Brandon telling her he's talking with Skips , Her Enemies' lies, losing her temper"
Show Information
First appearance: "Skips' Story"
Latest appearance: "Claustrophobia II (Unofficial)
Go and See Them (Official)"

The Queen of Spades is the main antagonist in Skips' Story and Claustrophobia