The Queen of Hearts
Queen of Hearts official
Biographical Information
Home: Wonderland
Occupation: The Queen of Spades' Twin sister and her rival
Affiliations: "Neutral/Bad, later Good"
Personality: bossy, mean, cruel (all formerly)

Nice, responsible, kind (currently)

Friends: The Queen of Spades (formerly), Caterpillar, Cheshire Cat, Margaret, Brandon Buckingham, Steven Patro, Mordecai
Enemies: The Queen of Spades, Preminger
Relatives: The Queen of Spades (Twin Sister)
Likes: Hearts, kind People
Dislikes: "Weed, Bad manners , evil, bad, danger"
Show Information
First appearance: "Go and See Them"
Latest appearance: "Safe Deposit Human"

Queen of Hearts is The Queen of Spades' Twin sister and she's one of the minor protagonist in Go and See Them.

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