Title lolliland
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Date 30/11/14
Published By Pops
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Tear of the Distance Voodoo vs Voodoo (Season 12)
The Naive Man from Lolliland is the final episode in season 11 episode 10, it's about the first time Pops wants to vist the USA and the waiter wants pops to pay REAL money and after pops refuses and after The Manager beates pops up (and chef helps Pops away), he promises that he'll come back later.


It starts out with Pops at a restaurant reading the newspaper, with him on the front page saying "AMBASSADOR FROM LOLLILAND VISITS THE UNITED STATES FOR THE FIRST TIME".

A waiter comes up and says he'll be back in a second and Pops starts organizing the bill with lolliland currency. He then gives the waiter his money and when the waiter looks at the lollipops, he gets mad at Pops.

Pops then argues with the waiter and manager saying that it's more than enough then tries to leave but walks into the chef who says "He's not finished talking to you yet!". Pops then gets pushed down and is told to pay up, but gets an idea. He "goes to get his billfold" and whacks the waiter on the head with a chair.

After being beaten by the manager and (possibly) the chef, he then crawls out of the restaurant, gets into a taxi, and tells his taxi driver Benson with Brandon, (who resembles nothing like Benson and Brandon in the show) to drive him away from this horrid place, (referring to the United States). The taxi then flys away into the sky, with Pops saying "Goodbye, United States. I hope one day... we can become friends.", ending the film.



  • This is diffrent then the one that J.G. made.
  • Brandon gets  diffrent sometimes in every episodes