The Elementals
The Elementals
Biographical Information
Home: Perth (temparirly)

Evil World

Occupation: Preminger and Dr. Neo Cortex's Boss
Affiliations: "Evil/Bad"
Personality: Cruel, Evil, sarcarstic
Friends: Each others, Dr. Neo Cortex, Preminger
Enemies: Brandon, Nathan
Relatives: Possibly each other
Likes: evil, causing trouble,
Dislikes: "Brandon, failing, losing, Crystals, Mech"
Show Information
First appearance: "Perth: The Wrath of Preminger"
Latest appearance: "Perth: The Wrath of Preminger"

The Elementals is the evil spirit mask and they are also thhe main antagonist in Perth: The Wrath of Preminger. Preminger realizes the elemental s to destroy Brandon & his friends but there weakness' are Crystal (or/and Nathan's Mech) but unknown in the end, because Brandon must have put the crystal on them and disappears forever.

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