The Dazzlings are 3 evil girls      

The Dazzlings
The dazzlings resources by imperfectxiii-d7sefhi
Biographical Information
Home: Victor's Lair
Alignment: Bad
Affiliations: "Villains/Anti-heroes"
Personality: Cruel, sarcastic, evil, mean, rude, sneaky
Friends: each other, Victor Quartermaine, Slender Engine (formerly), The Wolves, Hans (sometimes)
Enemies: Katie Sandowkm, Brandon Buckingham, Nathan Fernandez, Slender Engine, Anna, Benson, Wallace and Gromit, Emily.
Likes: Victor, winning, Slender Engine being a slave (formerly) singing
Dislikes: "Slender Engine, Losing, being a good guy"
Show Information
First appearance: "Katie's Adventure"
Latest appearance: "Under Our Spell"

The Dazzlings are one of the supporting antagonists in Season 24 to season 30. They are the secondary antagonists in there first episode Katie's Adventure and there are the main antagonists in Under the Spell in Season 30.


Battle of the Bands

Under Our Spell

Welcome to the Show

Guy With Gun


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