The Bully
The bully
Season 24, Episode 229
Vital statistics
Air date 15/08/15
Written by Brandon Buckingham
Directed by Brandon Buckingham
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Frozen Katie's Adventure
The Bully is the third episode in Season 24. it's about Eradicus and Hans bullys the heroes.


In the beginning, Eradicus captures the Narrator, and Brandon, Nathan, Jude, Pops and Katie wakes up and hears that the narrator has being captured but luckily some new people will find him, however, a new character Rin Kagamine, Benson also says that some new character hangs out with Eradicus and Hans, it's Monty Muzzle with those two, they bully her when they were going to perth, and also Eradicus, Hans and Monty bullys Steven Patro's ice creams which steven couldn't hold it to stop them, but gives it to them then monty punches him, Brandon wants to help steven and gets them but steven thinks its a bad idea, Nathan and Pops also thinks it bad and make sure his safe to follow him, when brandon gets to Eradicus, Monty and hans, Brandon wants to give him the ice cream boxes then Eradicus, hans and Monty gives Brandon wedgie, punching him and breathes fire at him but Brandon survived, Skips stops the and helps Brandon up and gets some powers to fix him, Nathan and Pops founds out and guesses that it was Eradicus, hans and Monty. Sarah asks what happened to Brandon, and Skips tells her that he got bullied, she reveals that in the past she almost crashed in the Buckingham palace and including Stewie. she asks brandon if he's alright, and he sees Eradicus forgot to bring steven's ice cream boxes along with him, and skips was a bit mad at Eradicus. Eradicus, hans and Monty appears and calls Pops to come here and Monty wants Eradicus calls Pops "Lolly-fool" and does o, and Pops crus and tells Skips that Eradicus calls him Lolly-fool and Skips gets angry and calls eradicus to come here and Eradicus looks suspiciously scared and comes up and lies to him to make friends and skips doesn't get fooled easily and skips tells him to stop bullying along with his friends or he'll tell benson to send him to the water doom for 24/7, Eradicus also lies he'll won't.

Brandon and Nathan gives ice Cream boxes to steven back and takes off and they completed, Eradicus' second plan is to beat up Pops, so they did and takes him to the boat tied up and was about to take him away until Brandon stops him and Eradicus won't listen and Nathan says this was a bad idea then Pops tells Brandon run before Eradicus will beat him up and Eradicus didn't think of that before and chases him with Hans and Monty, Pops says he saved him self, then Nathan said that we have to save him, then Katie says no and points at brandon with skips, skips gets mad, now he'll tell on benson what they did and Eradicus, Hans and Monty screams and runs off and skips said to brandon he come here if there's a problem and he will, Nathan, pops and Katie cheers, suddenly Eradicus, hans and Monty appears and wonders that Nathan's friends with Pops and punches Pops' arm and cries, Pops says go bully his friends and Eradicus revealed that he likes bullying some heroes that aren't his friends that goes off with his minions and Pops wants to get back at him. Skips tells benson that Eradicus, hans and Monty bullys Brandon, nathan, Pops, Steven and Rin but mostly who bullied them is Eradicus and benson feels sorry then goes off to go talk to them immediately. Hans and Monty gives Jack a wedgie then they stop when benson got here and Eradicus lies to him about making friends but Benson, also, doesn't get fooled and asks them to go under water, and they say no benson wants them behave, Eradicus grows more power about getting in trouble and makes a better and evil plan to brandon.

The next day, Brandon wakes up and wonders if eradicus learns his lesson but Eradicus didn't, he appears and asks him of any nightmares, Brandon said no and says don't speak so loudly because his friends are sleeping and Eradicus woke them up by roaring and they look angry except benson who's still sleeping, Brandon gets mad and walks off and Eradicus says to brandon that he stinks including his enemies, Brandon gets mad and beats him up hurtfully and gets nathan and Jack hold him down and Pops pulls out his wings and tells him who he'd bullied besides pops or he'll tell benson what he said to brandon and Eradicus bullys Brandon, Nathan, Pops, Rin and Jack and then pops lets go off of his wing and benson wakes up and sees chaos and Pops tells everything what they did moment after and then Eradicus cries because he doesn't want to go on water, benson will let him live including Hans and Monty and then punishes Eradicus, hans and Monty including Brandon, Pops, Nathan and Jack for bullying Eradicus and the punishment is in jail, then benson made an announcement about 3 new characters are the Chipettes and they said they found the narrator and haves a new building called the sing! sing! but they rip off the store of skips' and then benson releases them and runs off then the narrator begins to talk but Hans makes an announcement about Bullying that don't do what Eradicus and/or Brandon does because that'll get into trouble.



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