(Steven and Mordecai runs towards maragret and Brandon)

(Brandon, Steven, Mordecai and Margaret standing in front of the secret door)

  • Margaret: come on, open it!!
  • Mordecai: ok, ok, geez!!!

(Mordecai opens the secret door)

  • All: WHOA!!!

(looks at the dr. pepper land)

  • Margaret: so this is your secret door!?
  • Steven: yeah, mordecai and i found this place ever since we got ice cream!
  • Brandon: cool !

(Brandon, Margaret, Mordecai and steven walks down and past voodoo demon)

(later at the dr. pepper waterfall)

  • Mordecai: now what?
  • Margaret: idk....Wait did you hear that!
  • Mordecai: what?

(Voodoo Demon darkiely past the bushes)

  • Margaret: i heared something
  • Steven: your probabley hearing things!
  • Margaret: *sighs* so what were you saying?

(Dr. pepper Rains on Mordecai, Steven and Mordecai)

  • Mordecai: i guess we have to get to the pool and lick the dr. pepper rain
  • All: *puts there tounges out and licks it*
  • Brandon: *scoffs* lucky they don't go to the dr. pepper pool!

(Brandon turns around a screams)

  • Steven: what was that?
  • Mordecai: Voodoo Demon!
  • Voodoo Demon: HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!
  • Steven: what do you want from him?!!
  • Voodoo demon: i've waited for 20 days now, and, i..had..ENOUGH!!
  • Mordecai: Whoa, Whoa, Whoa!! just chill, chill!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Voodoo demon: you can have brandon back, if you best on me!
  • Brandon: Margaret?
  • Steven and Mordecai: WHAT!??
  • Voodoo Demon: Deal!

(Voodoo demon drops brandon down and grabs magaret and vanishes)

  • Steven: What the helll dude! *Punches Brandon's shoulder*
  • Brandon: Oww! sorry, he took the fake margaret!!
  • Steven and Mordecai: WHAT??
  • Margaret: did i do it right?
  • Brandon: YEAHH-YUH *hi fives*
  • Mordecai: i don't believe this!
  • Brandon: look!

(Steven, Margaret, Brandon and Mordecai runs to the note)

  • Note: *dear Brandon and the gang, congratulations for beating Voodoo Demon and Mr. Pepper, he's 10, 000, 000 dr. pepper drinks for your rewards*
  • Brandon: i dontfeel like it, you can have all the drinks Steven!
  • Steven: thanks!
  • Margaret: uhh, branddoon? what is voodoo demon doing with the fake margaret?
  • Brandon: don't worry, he'll figure it out
  • Voodoo demon: *Fucks the fake margaretand it explodes and voodoo demon dies*

(The END)

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