Space Cadet
Season 26, Episode 250
Vital statistics
Air date 14/10/15
Written by Brandon Buckingham
Directed by The Group
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Oogie Vs jack: Beyond Perth That's What Friends Are For
Space Cadet is the 4th episode of Season 26.


The Group find out that Katie Sandowkm is not doing well in school and worry about her future. As they discuss her, she overhears and feels insulted when they don't believe she is smart. To boost Katie's self-esteem, Benson and Skips allow her to go to a camp and he picks a space camp at the Kennedy Space Center. There, Katie has trouble fitting in and calls for her friends to come her up.

When Group arrive, Katie gives them a tour of the space shuttle before they leave and Stewie Griffen accidentally launches them into space. As they worry about being stuck in space, Katie thinks he is responsible for getting them stuck. As word spreads about their possible fate, the Group explore the shuttle. Mission Control radios they find can get them back but the signal is lost and Brandon Buckingham destroys the radio trying to fix it. They try to land the shuttle themselves and Katie slows down the shuttle using what she learned. Unfortunately the shuttle spins out of control and Katie manages to stabilize it allowing the autopilot to engage. They land to the cheers of the centre and Katie is proclaimed a hero as the allies has to contend with their new location after Plops tried to steal their house.



  • Plops reappeared again as a guest starring.

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