Skips gets Lost
Skips (other1)
Season 24, Episode 235
Vital statistics
Air date 28/09/15
Written by Brandon Buckingham
Directed by Brandon Buckingham
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Five Nights at Freddy's Meet Oaken
Skips gets Lost is the ninth episode in Season 24.


Skips is bored on the Store Store!, so he is naturally eager when allowed to help at the quarry. However, Skips forgets the Nathan Fernandez's warnings to be home before nightfall and agrees to take a special train down the branch street.

Pops and Anna warn Skips to be careful and Skips leaves the quarry with the special load for Brandon. After delivering the loads, Skips then heads home, but takes a wrong turn after fog descends and ends up in the scrapyards. He goes for help, but in their absence, Two ERADICUS' Minions, named 'Rubber Chucky and Indestructo-Bob', creep up and take him to the smelter shed, where Skips is shunted underneath a giant grabber.

It looks like the end for the little "weak" engine, but Nathan and Benson arrives in the nick of time and has the grabber shut down. Benson then sends Skips back to the Store Store! street and Skips learns that there is no place like home.


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