Skips' Story
Originally performed by Mordecai
Composer Steven Patro
Lyrics Mordecai
Performer(s) Margaret
Length 1:35
Films Skips' Story
Video games
Preceded by TBA
Followed by I'm Late

Skips' Story Song is the very first song in Skips' Story, and this the first Deleted song because we didn't figured out what to put (including in the main title.)


Margaret: All my life I've always wanted

To have one day just for me,

Nothing to do and for once

Nowhere I need to be.

With no lessons, lords or lunches,

Or to-do list in the way,

No one to say when to eat or read or leave or stay!

That would be the day!

All my life I've always wanted

To have one day for myself,

Not waking up with a pile of work

On every shelf!

With no hems in need of pressing,

And no sleeves in disarray, No wedding gown with a thousand stitches to crochet!

And no debt to pay!

I'll remain forever royal!

I'll repay my parent's debt!

Duty means doing the things

Your heart may well regret!

But I'll never stop believing!

She can never stop my schemes!

There's more to living than

Gloves and gowns

And threads and seams,

In my dreams,

I'll be free!

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