Skips character
Biographical Information
Home: park apartments
Occupation: Benson's helper
Affiliations: "Good/Neutral"
Personality: wise, serious, helpful
Friends: Brandon Buckingham, Benson, Pops, Skips Jr., Mordecai, Rigby, Jack Skellington, Plops (in the end), Chicken, Mrs. Chicken, Stewie Griffen (sometimes), Cheshire Cat, his employee Oaken, SpongeBob SquarePants (in the end), Anna
Enemies: Eradicus, Hans, Ella-Mental, Rubber Chucky, Indestructo-Bob, Victor Quartermaine, The Queen of Hearts, SpongeBob SquarePants (formerly), Preminger, Heffalumps & Woozles, Saddam Hussein, Giant Green Monster, Monstro, Mad Scientist, Jafar, Piella Bakewell
Relatives: Skips Jr. (nephew)
Likes: helping out, good
Dislikes: "bad, danger, Benson's Tempered, The Queen of Spades"
Show Information
First appearance: "Victor, the Ghost of Terror (Unofficial)
SpongeBob's Artical Buisness (official)"
Latest appearance: "Buckingham's Last Show"

Skips is (originally a minor protagonist, but now he is) the Main Character in Oogie vs Jack Wiki and Regular Show. His the main protagonist in this two hour specail Skips' Story

Skips is a one-time antagonist in SpongeBob's Artical Buisness and a former antagonist in Death Punchies


Brandon BuckinghamEdit

They Usually get along well, in "Skips' Story" and "Skips' Stress", they have their own nature around them for themselves adventure, unfortunately, he gets angry at things when Brandon doesn't not get.

Nathan FernandezEdit

Unlike themselves, they are both smart and more action's, like in "Skips' Story", They occasionally fight when things go un-normal, but they are friends in the out and in-side.

Benson, Mordecai, Margaret and PopsEdit

They are friends in Regular Show.


Unlike Pops, they have good friendships around them, they met each other in "Skips gets Lost, Anna doesn't get over-exited in the out side except in the in-side and also get along pretty well.


They are friends, in Meet Oaken, Skips hires Oaken as an employee, later, Oaken reveals that his firm and sensitive ever since Oaken kicks Benson out which Skips surprised but Skips feels good with him.