Biographical Information
Home: Victor's Lair
Alias: idiots
Occupation: Oogie's henchmen
Alignment: Bad, neutral (somewhat)
Personality: Clumsy, evil, cruel (somewhat), dimwitts, idiots, dangerous (possibly)
Goal: kill Jack Skellington
Friends: Oogie Boogie
Jack Skellington (somewhat)
Clowns (possibly)
Enemies: Jack Skellington
Brandon Buckingham (sometimes)
Oogie Boogie (somewhat)
Lock, Shock and Barrel
Likes: pizza, Oogie
Dislikes: "Jack and Oogie's temered"
Show Information

Skeletons are Oogie Boogie's henchmen and thier the main major recurring antagonistic characters in Jack, the Luck Skellington.


  • They not that evil enough but they always do
  • Every time Oogie leaves they play with jack and when Oogie comes back they fight