Rubber Chucky's Birthday
Season 23, Episode 225
Vital statistics
Air date 05/08/15
Written by Brandon Buckingham
Directed by Brandon Buckingham
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Chocolate Fudge of Doom Town Alone
Rubber Chucky's Birthday is the ninth episode in Season 23. it's about Rubber Chucky gets all pissy at Eradicus for forgetting his birthday, so the Gryphon decides to throw his minion a big birthday bash, but invites the wrong people.


Eradicus is in his computer to hire some new minions, Rubber Chucky comes to see him tells him whats his today, Eradicus thought chucky would stop telling puns or leave him alone and rubber chuck cries because eradicus forgot his birthday when Ella-Mental tells Eradicus and he fought he can invite people he sees.

Victor Quartermaine tells his minions that Eradicus that his going to invite people he sees, luckily, Oogie Boogie tells his plan that we disguise as regular people that Eradicus sees them and they think it's a perfect plan, unfortunately, there disguise makes them ridiculous and Eradicus invites them and they make a evil grin at him when Eradicus flys off.

Eradicus invites almost every characters and dances, Rubber Chucky was arguing Eradicus not inviting him about the dance plus it is his party, then Preminger shoots down the music and Victor's Minions tries to kill Eradicus, Eradicus fire breaths Victor and oogie and flicks down preminger, Eradicus feels great, unfortunately, Victor's last minion Roy Rooster tries to kill him, then Rubber chucky kills Roy with his rubber mouth, then rubber chuck wants to leave but Eradicus wants him here because of the electric.


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