Rocky Rhodes
Biographical Information
Home: Roy's House
Occupation: Roy's Brother (possibly Cousin)
Alignment: Good
Personality: Fun, Kind, Charming
Goal: defeat Mrs. Tweedy
Friends: Roy Rooster, Ginger, Brandon Buckingham
Enemies: Mrs. Tweedy, Mr. Tweedy (formerly), Oogie Boogie, Victor
Likes: Ginger, Roy, stories
Dislikes: "Ginger or Brandon's tempered, Victor loving Ginger, Roy's craziness"
Show Information

Rocky Rhodes is a the minor major deuteragonist character in Roy, the Evil Antagonistic Rooster, He comes to visit Roy Rooster's House and he can see that Roy is too much happy to see him.


  • He has a crush on Ginger (Aka, he was in love with her in Chicken Run).