Rico Suave
Rico Suave
Biographical Information
Home: Perth (temporarily)
Alias: Squat brat
Species: Human
Nationality: America
Occupation: Student
Alignment: Neutral/bad
Personality: Manipulative, arrogant, and spoiled
Goal: ruin Brandon Buckingham's life and become more famous and "heroic"
Friends: Lock, Shock and Barrel
Enemies: Brandon Buckingham, Oogie Boogie, Reverse Flash, Nathan Fernandez, Magnet, Kevin
Likes: ruin Brandon buckingham's Life, Lock, Shock and Barrel, money, being famous
Dislikes: "Brandon better than him, Oogie Boogie"
Show Information
First appearance: "Brandon vs. Rico for Money"
Latest appearance: "Buckingham's Last Show"

Rico Suave is Brandon's rival in Perth city. Rico came to perth to become more "heroic" but just insults Brandon's told or something. he acts like a supporting minor antagonist in Season 27-30.


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