Professor Zoom
Reverse Flash (3)
Biographical Information
Home: Perth (Temporarily)
Alias: Reverse Flash, The Flash?, Evil Flash Guy (By Benson)
Species: Human
Nationality: America
Occupation: Super Villain
Alignment: Bad/Evil
Affiliations: "The Anti Villainousness"
Personality: Mastermind, Tricky, evil, cruel, murderous, hateful, intelligent, know and all
Goal: Replace, later, Kill Brandon
  • Take over Perth
  • Kill Brandon, Nathan and Katie and use his foes as his slave
  • be a better person
  • be the king of Australia
Friends: Oogie Boogie, Ella-Mental
Enemies: Brandon Buckingham, Nathan Fernandez, Katie Sandowkm, Benson, Pops, Jack Skellington, Skips, almost everyone
Likes: be the best person, killing his foes, be cool, his plans working
Dislikes: "Brandon, Nathan, his plans foiling, being mocked"
Show Information
First appearance: "Brandon Vs. Eradicus"

Reverse Flash is last main antagonist man in Season 26-30. His arch-rival is Brandon Buckingham and he comes to perth because he heard of brandon's heroic deeds and wants to easily kill him. his assistance is Ella-Mental and Oogie Boogie, his only friends, He wants to make the earth

Buckingham's Last ShowEdit

Reverse Flash will be the main, but true antagonist in the last series. His last, but not least plan is to bomb Perth and become the king of Australia. He was trapped by Brandon's sticky wrapper and then got arrested. He broke again (he got the keys after he got inside the police car.) Later in the chapters, he has returned and makes a final battle showdown to Brandon and He broken Brandon's leg and explains and reveals his true plot of the town, he begins to push Brandon off the road cliff, but Brandon's leg begun to stand up, Reverse Flash is about to make things worse now because Brandon almost got him, but suddenly, Reverse Flash got shot in the head by Stewie Griffen and Reverse Flash's fate is just unknown.


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