Pops character
Biographical Information
Home: Park apartments
Occupation: Benson's Boss, brandon's friend, wrestler (formerly), Super Hero (formerly), Mad Hatter's Boss-maker
Alignment: Good/Neutral
Personality: jolly, kind
Friends: Brandon Buckingham, Benson, Mordecai, Rigby, Skips, Plops (in the end), Young Pops, Lolliland Man, Chef (as Pops), Stewie Griffen, Mad Hatter and everyone
Enemies: Preminger & Jafar (seriously Rivals), Plops (previously), Saddam Hussein, Giant Green Monster, Chef (as Lolliland Man), Monstro, Mr. Maellard (one-sided), Giant Cockroache, Piella Bakewell, Gothel
Relatives: Mr. Maellard (father)
Lolliland Man (Un-Brother)
Young Pops (ancestor)
Plops (un-Brother)
Likes: lollipops, friends, fun, poems
Dislikes: "Preminger, being boring"
Show Information
First appearance: "Victor, the Ghost of Terror (Unofficial)
Lost Episode (official)"
Latest appearance: "Buckingham's Last Show"

  Pops is a jolly, lolly-pop shaped guy who cares everyone (and sometimes Victor and/or Preminger). he's one of the main characters in Oogie vs Jack Wiki. His Debut is in Lost Episode but his real debut is in The Naive Man from Lolliland. His the co-boss and the manager for his allies (except Chef), he maybe to responsible for this job but his too sweet to take of this, so Benson lefts Skips in charge while his gone (i don't know why).


Pops - Regular Show Photo (194301..