Perth Skyline
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Date 25/10/13
Published By Brandon
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TBA Perth: Victor's Revenge
Perth is a movie of 2013 of victor wants to rule  perth so victor and brandon gather his friends/team mates to defeat victor


  • Oogie vs Jack (Brandon) (protagonist) (debut)
  • Victor (main antagoist) (debut)
  • Pooky (cameo) (debut)
  • Nathan Fernandez (protagonist) (debut)
  • Kevin (debut)
  • Boof (debut)
  • Eli (debut)
  • Marcus (debut)
  • Maddi (debut)
  • William (debut)
  • Paris (debut)
  • Jude (debut)
  • Peter (tritagonist protagonist) (debut)
  • Sadie Buckingham (debut)
  • Paul Buckingham (debut)
  • Brie Buckingham (debut)