Big Patty
Big Patty
Biographical Information
Home: Perth (sometimes briefly)
Occupation: 6th grader student
Personality: Polite, Kind, Helpful
Friends: Brandon Buckingham, Death (sometimes), Oogie Boogie, Harold Berman, Skips, Margaret
Enemies: Death (Usually), Preminger
Likes: friends
Dislikes: "people mocking or messing with her, Death (character) (most of the Times)"
Show Information
First appearance: "Death (Episode)"
Latest appearance: "The B's"

Patricia "Big Patty" Smith is a 6th grade girl who sometimes dislikes Death (character) and she's a minor female characters in Oogie vs Jack Wiki.


Oogie Boogie = They have more common with each other, in Patty's Business Job, She loves oogie to work with her but somehow when Death keeps coming up, she doesn't know death keeps making Oogie loving her. In I Broke You, She meets oogie when oogie broke up Ginger and patty says she'll always help him up, unfortunatley she actually fall in love with Harold Berman and oogie has no attention with that but after that, they get along well.

Death = they usually dislike each other ever since in Death (Episode), They have no friendships each other or ever talked to each other nicely. However, they occasionally work together when something's up tot hem.

Brandon Buckingham = They don't usually talk to each other, but in Death (Episode) brandon tries to give a reason why does she have to do this but brandon doesn't seem to mind about anything, but they never fight because they are friends.

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