Biographical Information
Home: Store Store!
Occupation: Skips' helper
Alignment: Good
Personality: Hapless, goofy, outgoing, innocent, creative, naive, kind-hearted, affectionate, whimsical, clumsy, optimistic, dreamy
Goal: Help Skips to keep the store store! a better place to help.
Friends: Anna, Skips, Pops (best friend), Marshmallow, Elsa, Katie Sandowkm, Nathan Fernandez, The Trolls, Benson, Jack Skellington
Enemies: Marshmallow (briefly), Hans, Victor Quartermaine, Lord Barkis Bittern, Golden Freddy
Relatives: Marshmallow (brother)
Likes: Summer, warm hugs, his friends, romance
Dislikes: "Danger, melting, losing his carrot nose, yellow in snow"
Show Information
First appearance: "Do You Wanna Build A Snow Man?"
Latest appearance: "Once Upon A What?"

Olaf is one of the supporting characters in a new series Once Upon A Doom!. He works with Skips, his best friend is Pops.

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