Oaken looks at Anna
Biographical Information
Home: Perth, later Store Store!
Occupation: Employee of Store Store!
Alignment: Neutral/Good
Affiliations: "Neutral"
Personality: Good-natured, helpful, sweet, unafraid, strict, firm, sensitive
Goal: Make a good employee for Skips
Friends: Brandon Buckingham, his boss Skips, Anna, Pops, Benson (Briefly), Elsa, Katie Sandowkm
Enemies: Benson (for calling him a "crook"), Victor Quartermaine (possibly)
Likes: Good Customers, Skips, friends
Dislikes: "benson calling him a crook, bad customers"
Show Information
First appearance: "Frozen"
Latest appearance: "Katie and Elsa"

Oaken is one of the characters in Meet Oaken. he works at Store Store! with Skips and he makes some polite attitude to people except Benson

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