New Memebr!
Season 23, Episode 221
Vital statistics
Air date 30/07/15
Written by Brandon Buckingham
Directed by Brandon Buckingham
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Hans and Veruca Chocolate Fudge of Doom
New Member is the sixth episode in Season 23. it's about a new member comes to the heroes side.


Benson makes an announcement about a new member coming to Oogie vs Jack Universe and wants to make her welcome, but Nobody is ever that exited as Wallace and Emily, behind the wall, it was Bob spying on heroes with Eradicus, their goal is simple, their goal is to destroy the new member is join and rule the universe Eradicus also tells bob to sneakily follow them to the main gates and make he sees her.

The heroes goes to the main gates including Bob who hides every time he sees an object, they made it to the main gates and it turns out to be: Sandowkm, Bob Finally finds her and blocks the heroes, Wallace and Emily tries to Save her, but luckily Nathan got rid of him, than Eradicus appears and he got defeated by Sandowkm and makes her feel welcome.


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