Mordecai character
Biographical Information
Home: Park appartment
Occupation: Benson's worker, Rigby & Pops' friend,
Personality: Kind, cool, lazy, clever
Friends: Oogie vs Jack (Brandon), Benson, Pops, Kevin, Nathan Fernandez, Rigby (best friend), Skips, Margaret, Steven Patro (best friend)
Enemies: Preminger, Victor Quartermaine, Summertime Song(character), Doctor Facilier, Jafar, Mad Scientist
Likes: Slack off (possibly), video games, sodas, friends, Orion (formerly)
Dislikes: "Preminger, Benson's bossy mood"
Show Information
First appearance: "Lost Episode"
Latest appearance: "Buckingham's Last Show"

Mordecai is one of the protagonists in Lost Episode and hos the minor major characters in Oogie vs Jack Wiki. In the show he comes with benson and he can see preminger a little bitand he has a plan how to get rid of in Lost Episode. His not the antagonistic character (except in Idiot Land and sometimes Miniature Golf) in some episode.