Meet Oaken
Season 24, Episode 236
Vital statistics
Air date 30/09/15
Written by Brandon Buckingham
Directed by Brandon Buckingham
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Skips Gets Lost Under Our Spell (Episode)
Meet Oaken is the final episode in Season 24. it's about Oaken gets a job at Store Store with Skips.


ever since Skips got lost around perth in Skips gets Lost, He wants someone to take care of Store Store! Skips founds Oaken see being polite and Skips thought he might be the good employe, he runs to him and asks him if he can work with him in store store! Oaken was very exited and his job is to work at the register.

Day one, Anna goes in side and sees Oaken and they met again, Anna gets some supplies for her sister, Oaken was happy for Anna. Day two, it was Pops turn to go inside the Store Store! Oaken was very polite to Pops and so as pops to oaken, Pops gets a present for Nathan. Three days went past, and Skips was impressed, luckily, Brandon visits and was surprise to see Oaken working with Skips. Benson comes inside and doesn't look very happy, he gets some tools for brandon's house, Oaken says that'll be $40 but Benson says it's $10 then Oaken and Benson somewhat argues, Benson accidentally says to Skips that Oaken is a "crook", Oaken heard that and Oaken kicks him out and Benson walks away angrily. Skips was surprised that Oaken is sensitive and Oaken apologises toSkips about Violence, Skips doesn't care about that right now, skips makes him the employee of the month and oaken was happy including brandon.


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