Madam Carp
Madam carp
Biographical Information
Home: Perth (temparirly)
Occupation: Bosses of dres shops
Alignment: Bad/neutral
Personality: Bossy, mean, greedy, nice (to her customers)
Goal: make money
Enemies: Benson, Jack Skellington, Skips (all Possibly)
Likes: money, Preminger (possibly)
Dislikes: "dres employees' laziness"
Show Information

Madam Carp is a women who works at some dress shops and shes the main antagonist in Preminger's Trip to Perth, she works at perth dress shop when she saw preminger at the window and she tries to ask preminger out but preminger refuses and they possibly broke up


  • Preminger = they were friends ever since they saw each other in Preminger's Trip to Perth but they possibly afterwards in the end they broke up
  • Skips = when she and preminger got caught skips says they were mad in love.
  • Benson = when she and preminger got caught benson calls the cops.
  • Jack Skellington = when she and preminger got caught jack likes to see them in mad love.

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