Barkis Bittern
Biographical Information
Occupation: Eradicus' spy
Alignment: Bad/neutral
Affiliations: "Villains"
Personality: Sadistic, evil, mean, anti-nice
Goal: kill Wallace to get rid of Emily
Friends: Perth:Eradicus, Jack Skellington (formerly), Victor Quartermaine

Once Upon A Doom!: Hans, Victor Quartermaine, The Dazzlings, Eradiucs

Enemies: Perth: Wallace and Gromit, Emily, Jack Skellington, Brandon Buckingham, Nathan Fernandez, Katie Sandowkm

Once Upon A Doom!: Brandon Buckingham, Katie Sandowkm, Henry, Government People, The Trolls

Likes: Money, killing women's fortune
Dislikes: "Wallace, Eradicus not listing to him"
Show Information
First appearance: "Wallace, Gromit and Emily (Perth Series)

Katie's New Adventure (Once Upon A Doom!)"

Latest appearance: "Divison Quest (Perth Series)

Side to Side (Once Upon A Doom!)"

Lord Barkis Bittern is the main antagonist in Wallace, Gromit and Emily.

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