Lolliland Man (Pops)
Biographical Information
Home: Lolliland world
Alias: Pops
Occupation: Brandon's Helper
Alignment: neutral
Personality: depressed (occasionally), kind, nice
Goal: help brandon
Friends: Oogie vs Jack (Brandon), Benson, Chef (only as Pops), Pops (possibly), Young Pops
Enemies: The Waiter, Chef (only as lolliland man)

The Waiter (antagonist)

Likes: lollipops, friends, kind people
Dislikes: "manners, evil, the waiter's greediness"
Show Information

Lolliland Man is the Deuteragonist in Short: Brandon, the naive of lollys and also the main character in The Naive Man from Lolliland and the minor character.