Katie and Elsa
Ice and snow
Season 25, Episode 239
Vital statistics
Air date 06/10/15
Written by Brandon Buckingham
Directed by Brandon Buckingham
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What if Hans meets the dazzlings Junkie Foodie
Katie and Elsa is the third episode in Season 25.


When Sun is up at sky, Katie Sandowkm wakes up and sees the main characters asleep and escapes her bed room and comes to see Wallace and Gromit and Emily to reveal that Elsa comes to the perth town and goes to the Dock. Elsa comes and meets Katie and Emily instead of Wallace and Gromit. Gromit reads a magazine and Wallace watches them having fun and he needs Elsa meet him, fortunately, Anna comes to see Wallace and this makes Wallace a plan, he asks anna to get Elsa to meet him, Anna, however, forgot his plan and meets Elsa with Katie and goes to the girl shopping this makes Wallace very stressed.

The Dazzlings spies on them and tells Victor Quartermaine that Wallace feels stressed, which makes Victor feel evil and spy on them for whats next. Katie and Elsa goes to a shop called: Store Store! and sees Oaken and they meet him and gets some cloak for Wallace, Oaken sees Victor in the window evilly, however Oaken isn't afraid and Elsa and Katie also sees him and gasps then Victor runs away. Katie and Elsa follows him and goes inside Victor's HQ and sees that Wallace, Anna and Emily got captured in the cell, Elsa fights The Dazzlings and defeats them, Katie verses Victor and victor tries to kill Katie but Elsa keeps blocking his way, Anna throws Wallace's cheese and stops Victor's gun then his gun turns into a rocket and defeats Victor.

Elsa and Anna hugs and Elsa decides to stay forever and katie smiles with joy, Victor was made out of black ashes and he survived and he was growling with anger and swears that he'll get his revenge.



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