Katie's Adventure
Vital statistics
Season 24, Episode 230
Vital statistics
Air date 18/09/15
Written by Brandon Buckingham
Directed by Brandon Buckingham
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The Bully The Slender Engine
Katie's Adventure is the fourth episode in season 24. it's about Katie has her own adventure with her friends.


At the shed-houses, Katie wakes up and goes see Emily, Wallace and Gromit to tell them that she has her own adventure with them. Victor Quartermaine soys on them with his telescope and decides to get his wolves to kill them. it was winter, and Katie, Wallace, Emily and Gromit rides her sled and talks if she knows Brandon, unfortunately, she doesn't know him because they never talked to each other, then the reindeer stops heres the wolves and Katie sees the wolves and beans to run, Wallace and Emily still boasts that be friends with him and Katie gets annoyed and was about to hit them instead, she hits one of the wolves then the Wolves caught Emily and the wolves nearly succeed to kill her, luckily, Katie has a fire ball and throws it at the wolves. They see a cliff and begins to be worried, katie, however, it's more adventurous and throws wallace, emily and gromit on the reindeer and jumps on the other side of the cliff and katie just on time to get out of her sled and gets to the other side with her friends.

Victor gets mad brings his 2/3 plan, his plan to get to her adventure death, Katie, Wallace, Emily and Gromit survived, Victor brings out his final plan, [[the dazzlings]], they captured them and puts them in a bad room ("Welcome to the Show"), Katie was captured and was about to be drawn by Aria Blaze, Victor sarcastically at Wallace and Gromit and Emily got out and defeats the dazzlings and Victor escapes and forgot the lock key and Emily saves Wallace and Katie and have there adventure finished for the day, Katie goes back to her shed-houses and sleeps.



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