Junkie Foodie
Food -2
Season 25, Episode 240
Vital statistics
Air date 08/10/15
Written by Brandon Buckingham
Directed by Brandon Buckingham
Episode guide
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Katie and Elsa Brandon's Jealous
Junkie Food is the fourth episode in Season 25.


When Brandon Buckingham have ordered 150, 000 junk food for himself but benson, Katie Sandowkm, Nathan Fernandez, Wallace and Gromit were broke because Brandon spent alot of food, Brandon sings Junk to Junk of his amazing food to save his life.

The Dazzlings soys on there foes and their goal wants to over fattening Brandon to destroy him, and hans' goal is to over fattening brandon, kill Brandon's friends and rule Perth, however, when hans was about to go inside, The Dazzlings sarcastically thinks that hans wants to fat Brandon up to kill him but Hans who was mad at them because they stole his plan then they fight, Katie thinks they are bugs and sprays them and they looked at her and the heroes are in trouble but Brandon, however, likes to listen his food then his friends, katie and her friends tries to protect brandon from death, Hans and the Dazzlings has a temporary work together, they tried to use a tree to break in, they trie using their weapons and tries to anything to get pasted, they grow madder then before and breaks the door with anger, Brandon is 100% fat and he can't move, Hans and the dazzlings tries to kill brandon, but he didn't feel a thing then Nathan and Katie defeats them and gets brandon to do exercise.



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