Judge Trudy
Judge Trudy
Biographical Information
Home: Perth (formerly)
Alias: Kid
Species: Human
Nationality: America
Occupation: Judge, non-student
Alignment: Good (sometimes)
Neutral (Usually)
Personality: sarcastic, rude, mean, nice (rarely), irresponsible, loud
Goal: help the Plaintiff to defeat the defendant ones
Friends: The Bailiff, Brandon Buckingham, Plaintiff(s)
Enemies: Defendant(s), Benson, Reverse Flash
Love Interest: Brandon Buckingham (formerly)
Likes: helping Plaintiffs, being sarcastic, defeating Defendants
Dislikes: "Defendants cruelty to Plaintiffs"
Show Information
First appearance: "Meet Judge Trudy"

Judge Trudy is 13-year-old judge and she is an anti-villain character. She formerly has a boyfriend Brandon Buckingham. Brandon revealed that use to break up for Brandon's Parent's foolishness (presumably.) she appeared as a supporting character.



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