Jack Skellington
Jack Skellington
Biographical Information
Home: Perth (temerirly and briefly)
Occupation: pumpkin king of halloween Town

Cashier (Night Light)

Alignment: Good
Neutral (Somewhat)
Bad (Drunk Plops)
Affiliations: "Heroes"
Goal: Make Perth a better place from evil (second main)
  • Defeat Plops (formerly in Drunk plops)
  • To add something new and fresh to Halloween. (Mainest)
Friends: Brandon Buckingham, Pops, Benson, Skips, Slender Girl, Pooky, Nathan Fernandez, Lock, Shock and Barrel, Victor Quartermaine (sometimes), Boof, Cheshire Cat, Stewie Griffen
Frenemies: Skeletons, Slender Man
Enemies: Oogie Boogie, Victor Quartermaine, Lock, Shock and Barrel (formerly), Other Mother (former Girlfriend), Penguin, Nassor, Clowns, Heffalumps & Woozles, Preminger, Jafar, Eradicus, Hans, Rubber Chucky, Bob, Ella-Mental
Likes: Halloween, Brandon, being scary, friends (except Penguin), kind to people
Dislikes: "Oogie Boogie"
Show Information
First appearance: "Perth: Victor's Revenge (unofficial)

Victor, the Ghost of Terror"

Jack Skellington is the a very slender, un-dead skeleton and his the Major Main character in Oogie vs Jack Wiki. He sometimes can be anatgonistic but his also one of the main heroes along with Brandon, Nathan and friends. He occasionally go with them because his busy thinking more about Halloween.


  • Brandon Buckingham = Jack's friend. He and Brandon have a good relationship with heir heroic deeds. Jack was inspired with Brandon for doing some good jobs. They are close friends (by say,) he usually listens to brandon but sometimes he doesn't have time for brandon some how. Eventually, they almost look like brothers when they get along quite well.
  • Nathan Fernandez = Jack likes Nathan, they do get along well and they do work together to help the allies with their weapons and they do like their skills with their intelligence, skills and/or think quickly.
  • Benson = They don't actually get along that much according to their own ways, but they do seen each other a few times and they are both on their sides.
  • Pops = They seen together a lot and they (barely) talk together when they get along but he thinks Pops is good hearted person to people but still they don't get along that much.


  • Jack can be the main protagonist in some episodes in season 1, 2 and 3 (not all, some of them).
  • He's the Main antagonist in Drunk Plops
  • He dosn't speak that much in Team Work episode
  • He is exactly the same height as Slender Man but slender man and jack are taller then Skips by any chance.
  • he works as a cashier in Night Light and he seems to neutral to care...
  • He appears as a Main, major and the minor character in a few seasons