The-Curse-of-the-Were-Rabbit-wallace-and-gromit-118149 1162 1820

Hutch in Corpse Bride and The Were-Rabbit

The-Curse-of-the-Were-Rabbit-wallace-and-gromit-118149 1162 1820
Biographical Information
Home: Perth (Briefly)
Affiliations: "good"
Personality: cute and funny
Friends: Emily, Wallace and Gromit, Katie Sandow, Victoria Everglot, Victor Van Dort, Lady Tottington
Enemies: Victor Quartermaine Monty Muzzle The Dazzlings Lord Barkis Bittern
Likes: cheese
Show Information
First appearance: "Corpse Bride and The Were-Rabbit"
Latest appearance: "Corpse Bride and The Were-Rabbit"




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