Tomy Henry
Biographical Information
Home: perth (short time)
Occupation: Stewie's Train
Alignment: Good
Affiliations: "Stewie Griffen"
Personality: Dim-Witted, nice, friendly, kind, helpful, sensitive
Goal: help the heroes to defeat Victor Quartermaine
Friends: Perth: Stewie Griffen, Cheshire Cat, Brandon Buckingham, Nathan Fernandez, Benson, Wallace, Gromit, Emily.

Once Upon A Doom!: The Trolls (sometimes)

Enemies: Perth: Victor Quartermaine

Once Upon A Doom!: people who Dislikes/Hates him, Hans

Relatives: Stewie Griffen (driver)
Likes: Helping, Stewie's Good attitude, friends
Dislikes: "Stewie's Bad Attitude, Victor"
Show Information
First appearance: "Perth: Victor's Here

Once Upon A Doom!: Do You Wanna Build a Snow Man?"

Latest appearance: "The Slender Engine (Perth Series)

Side To Side (Once Upon A Doom! series)"

Henry is one of the major characters in Victor's Here. His a friendly number 3 green engine.


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