Hans and Veruca
Yin yang heart
Season 23, Episode 221
Vital statistics
Air date 28/07/15
Written by Brandon Buckingham
Directed by Brandon Buckingham
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Eradicus and Hans' Day New Member!
Hans and Veruca is the fifth episode in Season 23. it's about Hans is in love with Veruca Salt.


When Hans tries to impress Ella-mental, she gets annoyed and dislikes his loving non-scene and reveals that she doesn't love him at all. Hans was in a deep depressing and goes to the beach all alone, but then he sees Veruca Salt and falls in love, veruca, also falls in love with him when she spots him and introduces to each other but hans has to go because he nearly kissed her and runs off faster and veruca waves to him softly.

Hans falls in love, Ella-mental gets angry but Hans didn't look at her and see was curious and hans tells his friends that he has a girlfriend, they thought he was joking, but he wasn't, he runs off to go see veruca again but she left, and fells sad, he walks sadly and a man accidentally bumps and veruca caught hans just in time to fall and Veruca and hans gets along and has more in common ("Love is an Open Door"). After the song she accidentally knocks him off and end up in the hospital, the doctors and nurses leaves them be, veruca then betrays him and gets out a dagger to kill hans, luckily Ella-mental, Rubber Chucky and Bob stops veruca and defeats her.

The next day, Ella-mental also reveals that she only likes him as a friends, not in love, Hans understands and Hans was happy with her and waves then falls a sleep.




  • people thought hans is going to do something to veruca, but Veruca was actually going to kill hans.

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