Galactic Nathaniel
Galatic Nathaniel
Biographical Information
Home: Perth
Alias: Nathan Ferandnez, idiot boy, crazy man, super robo-guy
Species: Robo-Human
Nationality: India
Occupation: Heroic of Perth (formerly)
Alignment: Good
Personality: Heroic, clever, smart, sneaky, tricky, dim-witted (somewhat)
Goal: save perth (formerly)
Friends: Brandon Buckingham, Maxwell (best friend), Ratchet
Enemies: Eradicus, Hans
Relatives: Nathan Ferandnez (alta-ego)
Likes: guns, powers, saving the world, friends, heroic, chocolate, heroes, Ratchet, Clank (possibly), Maxwell's helpful advise(s)
Dislikes: "Villains, bad, danger, people thinks his crazy, Eradicus, Hans"
Show Information
First appearance: "Nathan's Adventure"
Latest appearance: "Nathan's Adventure"

Galactic Nathaniel is Nathan Ferandnez's alto-ego that he only appears in Nathan's Adventure. He sometimes be the main Pro-antagonist in the show, but he does (sort of) save things what was right.


Unlike Ratchet, his very clever and heroic but sometimes he can go totally incredibly idiotic about what's not wrong. He's also very intelligent and sneaky about the villains.

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