Eradicus and Han's Day
Black Hole
Season 23, Episode 220
Vital statistics
Air date 26/07/15
Written by brandon Buckingham
Directed by Brandon Buckingham
Episode guide
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Jack in the Beanstalk Hans and Veruca
Eradicus and Han's Day is the fourth episode in Season 23. It's about Eradicus and Hans has a special day.


When Eradicus builds a Anti-Bad day, Hans thinks it might be a bad idea because he says if it is the opposite affiliations, Brandon Buckingham, Jack Skellington, Nathan Fernandez and Pops jumps at them but Eradicus pushes the button and Rubber Chucky, Ella-Mental and Bob are all alone and celebrates a party that Eradicus is gone.

Eradicus, Hans, Brandon, Nathan, Pops and Jack went to another universe and sees people respects Eradicus and Hans but not the heroes, Eradicus and Hans were happy, for the past 2 weeks, Eradicus and Hans had enough of there helping but some Anti-People destroyed the machine, and they need Brandon, Jack, nathan and Pops' Help but only Jack knows how to build or experiment'd at things.

Jack finally finishes it and tries to find the code, unfortunately, Anti-People were about to kill them to betrayed them, Eradicus did it and finally made it out of here just in time, they see that they are back and kicks the heroes out, Eradicus sees his minions and zaps them about having a party.


Minor CharactersEdit

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