Emily the Corpse Bride
Emily the corpse bride
Biographical Information
Home: Land of the dead
Alignment: Good
Affiliations:' "Heroines"
Personality: Kind, helpful, nice, mad (occasionally)
Goal: go with Wallace is a "Date"
Friends: Wallace and Gromit, Jack Skellington, Victor Van Dort Lady Tottington (character) Elsa Kuzco The Were-Rabbit
Enemies: Lord Barkis Bittern, Eradicus, Jack Skellington (formerly) Victor Quartermaine
Likes: love, friends, adventure
Dislikes: "anyone's lies, Lord Barkis"
Show Information
First appearance: "Wallace, Gromit and Emily"
Latest appearance: "The B's"

Emily is the tritagonist in Wallace, Gromit and Emily.

Relationship Edit

Songs Edit

Tears To Shed

Circus Monster


Emily the corpse bride

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