Elsa from Disney's Frozen
Biographical Information
Home: Arendelle
Occupation: Anna's Sister
Alignment: Good
Affiliations: "Heroes"
Personality: Elegant, powerful, caring, reserved, warm, protective, kind-hearted, remorseful, insecure, selfless, intelligent, independent, playful, artistic, practical, down-to-earth, lovable, graceful
Goal: To suppress and control her abilities for the safety of her family, friends, and subjects. (succeeded)
Friends: Anna, Katie Sandowkm, Emily,
Enemies: Hans, Victor Quartermaine, Ella-Mental, Eradicus, Rubber Chucky, Bob, The Wolves, The Dazzlings, Indestructo-Bob
Relatives: Anna (Sister)
Likes: Her family, chocolate, having fun with her powers, bringing joy to Anna and her kingdom, having fun with Anna, acceptance, freedom, peace, geometry, studying, tea, open gates, her powers (currently)
Dislikes: "Her powers (formerly), fear, being treated as a monster, her magic doing harm to others, conflicting moments with her sister, the idea of Anna marrying someone she hardly knows, Arendelle in peril"
Show Information
First appearance: "Katie and Elsa"
Latest appearance: "Divison Quest"

Elsais one of the major deuertagonist in Katie and Elsa.

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